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[rumour/report] NTT at k8 Maruyama's stageplay
[屋良] eurgh
According to fan reports, Koki went with Nakamaru and Taguchi to see Kanjani8 member Maruyama Ryuhei's stage adaptation of What's Eating Gilbert Grape on 2011/01/31.

Nice to see NTT hanging out together more :D ♥

Koki's thoughts regarding new cm
yucchi chain
将来、子供が生まれたら『スズキ』っていう名前をつけてあげようかなCollapse )

[fan report] Koki at K8 con~
[屋良] eurgh
According to fanreports, our Koki went to kanjani∞'s Tokyo concert today, along with Taguchi, Nakamaru, Masuda Takahisa and Ikuta Toma! ♥

I don't have any more information than that but if you have any more reports to share, feel free \(^-^)/

[fan report] Koki + T-N @ TakkiTsuba concert
[屋良] eurgh
This is only a vague report at the moment because news is only just filtering through, but Koki - with Junno and Nakamaru (aka NTT!) were guests at today's Tackey & Tsubasa concert. They also interacted with FiVe (who are the supporting band).

Further details may be added later (...maybe). now added, c/o encoded_panties' vastly superior understanding of Japanese vs. mine ~(*-*)~ ♥

Edit: (not all of this relates to Koki but I hope you can forgive me?)

- Koki wore a hat with black buttons, a t-shirt and jeans. Once again he was wearing pink underwear, the waistband of which could be seen under his jeans (!! again XD;) He had stubble/shadow from not shaving :3
-- There has been some change to Koki's hair and apparently it's half blonde and half back, pulled back. (I am v. confused about how this will look but kinda excited too XD)

- Nakamaru wore black boots (into which he tucked his jeans) and a dark blue hoodie - such normal clothing (as usual XD) with his hair pretty unstyled but fluffy and cuuute-looking XD

- Junno had sunglasses hooked into the neckline of his t-shirt, beige pants and trainers.

- TakkiTsuba got NTT to help throw out the signboards

- T&T have flags at their concert (picture here c/o OriSuta's twipple), and they gave three to NTT to wave:
-- Nakamaru waved his flag on the correct rhythm, but a bit weirdly/floppily? >_>;
-- Koki was apparently really shy. He waved the flag just in little circles, and also bowed to both TakkiTsuba and the audience. Everyone was charmed by shy!Koki's cuteness XD; ♥
-- On the other hand, Junno fit in great and waved the flag around, smiling like he was having the time of his life. XD

-Takki and Junno went to the left side of the stage, Tsubasa and Koki to the right side. NTT stuck close to TakkiTsuba (which was apparently very cute XD)

- NTT waved to TakkiTsuba & Mis Snow Man (junior unit): 'indifferent' Nakamaru, 'shy' Koki and 'very smiley' Junno. They then joined the Juniors & Mis Snow Man in the line-up at the end~

- They said "KAT-TUNの3人でした" (KAT-TUN no san-nin deshita; That was the three people from KAT-TUN!) from backstage. Nakamaru bowed, Koki was still shy and Taguchi happy. Then they waved the flags around some more and were very cute.

Currently entertaining ideas of Koki's hair either being like Cruella DeVil or black underneath and blonde on top like the two-tone hair Massu had a while back... Paparazzi shots, please come soon @-@;;

[large picspam!] Koki from 1999-2010! birthday special
[屋良] eurgh
To the world's most beautiful baby, who's grown up to be one of the world's most awesome men!

Tanaka Koki picspam
photograph timeline from 1999 to 2010!

Almost all of these can be enlarged when you click on them; they're resized so as not to kill your loading times :D

LET'S GO! (60+ pictures - resized - under cut)Collapse )

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 Helloo guysss...

Today, Nov 5th 2010, this day is TANAKA KOKI's BIRTHDAY...


and.... in Koki's 25th Birthday I want to share my friends darkokame photoshops of Tanaka Koki and also paparazzi pics from World BIG Tour 2010 Korea..

if you want it...you can get it in HERE
dont forget the credit (not me,but [info]darkokame )

[屋良] eurgh
Happy birthday, Koki!

It's just gone midnight in Japan, which means it's the 5th of November, which means it's our boy's birthday! Happy birthday Koki! We hope you have a wonderful day filled with nice things and happy memories ♥

Comm members and fellow usagi-chan, if you have any lovely things to share with the community today, please feel free to do so \(^-^)/ ♪

Rap collection
chaos no star
Hi everyone^^
I made a collection to Koki's raps one for each year and I think...he had deeper voice in 2006...then now

Koki D-Motion Photoshop
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