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orewajoker's Journal

田中聖 fan community
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俺はJOKER :: orewajoker :: Tanaka Koki fan community
{koki a day}{rules}{tags}{code credit} This is the fan community for J-pop group KAT-TUN's resident rapper, singer, actor and comic: Koki Tanaka.

If you don't know who he is, here's a quick heads-up:

Name: Koki Tanaka (田中聖, Tanaka Koki)
Born: 1985/11/05 in Chiba, Japan
Height: 171cm (approx. 5'7")
KAT-TUN: formed in 2001, début on 2006/03/22
'ore wa JOKER'?: Koki writes the raps for KAT-TUN songs under the pen-name of 'JOKER'; 「俺はJOKER」(ore wa JOKER; I'm JOKER) is a line from his rap in KAT-TUN's début single 'Real Face'.

We're pretty laid-back here but if you get stuck, the mods are encoded_panties and yararanger so drop them a message if you need any help!

Any file uploads are member-locked so feel free to join and spread the Koki love ♥